Changzhou weadell decorative materials co.,ltd

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Main Products:Detector table top with X-ray tube assembly


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Changzhou weadell company is a professional enterprise engaged in the production and sales of various indoor and outdoor decoration materials. The main products are all kinds of melamine resin board, fire board, anti-times special board, physical and chemical board, anti-static board and other decorative materials, At the same time, it focuses on the deep processing and finished products production of these new industrial decoration materials. Such as professional production and sales of bathroom partition, hospital hanging wall, laboratory furniture, operating bed, medical furniture, medical equipment and other panels and mesa. To tie in with the requirements of modern industrial and laboratory and other places of special clean, we also provide specialized, have special request for cleaning and hygiene of decoration materials, the material not only conforms to the aesthetic appearance of the customer demand, but also according to the special requirements of customers, provide antistatic, chemical resistance and other special performance of decorative materials and finished products

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