The panel for medical X-ray radiographic table top

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The panel for medical X-ray radiographic table top

1Assortment of Application          

     Detector table top with X-ray tube assembly.

     Detector table top  without X-ray tube assembly.

     Fixed table top.

     Mobile table top.


2Products Appearance

       The table top  has smooth edge, flat surface and uniform color, no scratch, cracks and other appearance defects.


3 Table top  weight loadYY/T 0737-20095. 7&6. 7

     Example is 12mm thickness X-ray table top

The table top is in a horizontal state, the panel as the table top loading 135kgs objects evenly distributed in the middle of the table surface covering the area of 169cm x 37.5cm (illustrated as below), it can work properly. Due to the practical application of the table top , the normal load capacity of the table top  should not be less than 135Kgs, and the table top can withstand more loads and frequent use of pressure.

The deformation of the table top is detected under the condition of applying a rated loading of 2158N (220Kg).

Under the condition of applying a uniform load of 8633N (880kgs), observe the table situation of breakage or damage.

See illustration:    

4X ray aluminum equivalent test

       Selecting the thickness and structure of regular table top, testing commissioned by Weadell, the Test Report is issued by the third party and eligible Institute.

5 Photographic image quality (interval grayscale):

       X-ray image sharpening is based on high uniformity, least impurities panel.  Doctors can easily make a more accurate judgment from detecting image.

The uniform structure of top table is closely related to high quality raw materials selected, processing technology and QC.

See illustration:      

6Mechanical performance testing:

    Mechanical performance is involved the quality and service life of top table. It can be determined by GB1456-88 Test Method for Bending Properties of Sandwich Structures , its bending rigidity,  modulus of elasticity, deflection and table stress determination.  The determination of flat pressure strength of the table  is according to GB1453-87 Test Method for Flat Pressure Performance of Non-metallic Sandwich Structures or Cores.     

7. Table top installation method 

   Fixed with hook&loop

    Tapping screw fixed

    Pre-buried nut fixing

    Fixing into aluminum frame groove


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